What's the purpose of Rainbow Club?

The main purpose of Rainbow Club is to create a safe space for every student, regardless of how they identify. It’s about finding new friends, building self-esteem and self-confidence, and developing social-emotional skills for positive relationships.

Most schools in Salt Lake City have LGBTQIA2S+ nondiscrimination policies and a focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and Rainbow Club is one way of putting all of that into action as a larger community.

Research shows that students in communities with active LGBTQ+ inclusive clubs have lower suicide rates— it saves lives!

What will Rainbow Club look like?

2022-2023 Bonneville Site Rainbow Club:

Each club will be led by an LGBTQ+-identified or allied adult leader. They will plan and guide the meetings based on inclusive curriculum from Gender Inclusive Classrooms, LGBTQ+ inclusive books & history, and student input.

Typical Agenda:

    • Snack & Welcome

      • Snacks, music, and open chat

      • Introductions & Check-in

    • Read Aloud

      • Each week will feature a different LGBTQ+ inclusive picture book that sets the "theme" of our meeting

    • Activity or Action

      • The main activity may include yoga, art projects, student-led projects, etc.

    • Closing

      • Students share reflections, connect with peers, and provide feedback

Students will either walk/bike home afterward or guardians can pick up their students at a predetermined location.

Who is welcome at Rainbow Club?


All are welcome at our Rainbow Club. Students of any age as well as guardians and family members are welcome to attend.

Students of all identities are welcome and encouraged to attend. Whether a student identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community, has a friend or family member who is LGBTQ+, or is curious to learn and grow, there is room for all in our community.

I have concerns...

  1. Aren't elementary school students too young to be learning/talking about these topics?

    • Children are already learning about it. Messages about gender, identity, and families are everywhere, and children receive very clear messages about the societal "rules" that are expected of them. The language and structure of this club will be different for children because of their different developmental levels, but the spirit of welcoming inclusion and celebration of identity is appropriate for all ages.

    • Experience and studies show that when presented with the appropriate language and information, children of any age are able to understand that there are many ways for people to experience/express their gender, and that families and love come in many different forms. When explained with a simple, developmentally appropriate manner, LGBTQ+ topics are easy for all students to grasp.

  2. Isn't it exclusive to have a club for LGBTQ+ students?

    • The purpose of Rainbow Club is to include everyone, regardless of how they identity (gay, straight, trans, genderfluid, questioning, etc). This club is a protected space to have growing conversations, celebrate our unique identities, and learn how to be welcoming and inclusive to all.

Have a question that isn't addressed here? E-mail rainbowclubslc@gmail.com